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How we've come to love Sweden

Our family, Nout, Noémie and Wannes, has a special love for Sweden. It started when Wannes and a friend decided to hitchhike in Sweden and Norway. A trip they repeated several times.

We began our adventure hitchhiking in Sweden and Norway. Our journey began in Stockholm, where we twiddled our thumbs and hitchhiked through Sweden. Along the way, we enjoyed wild camping, allowing us to experience the pristine nature and silence of the Swedish landscape. Our trek took us to the beautiful unspoiled Sönfjellet national park, where we ventured into the wilderness to spot bears and moose, fly-fishing and hiking for miles, crafting our knees deep into the swamps or clambering over the remnants of ancient glaciers.

After our adventures in Sönfjellet, we continued our journey by hitchhiking to Rogan national park on the border between Sweden and Norway, where we spent three days exploring the area by canoe, each time you cross a lake and then drag your canoe across the small intervening pieces of land.

Rogan is the capital of silence, the calm water and the majestic nature you see on the islets made this part of our trip unforgettable.

Arriving in Norway, we had the privilege of seeing musk oxen at Doverfjell, which was a highlight of our trip. Camping at Doverfjell also meant waking up to countless Lemmingen around your tent.

It only increased our love for Sweden. The silence, vast nature and beautiful skies are memories we cherish and want to share. Sweden has taught us to appreciate the beauty of nature and has won a special place in our hearts.

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