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Running, cycling and mountainbiking

In summer, snow may be gone, but fun is still here. Enjoy downhill racing, mountainbike, road cycling or trail running on splendid tracks in a stunning surrounding.

Downhill racing

Enjoy the speed and excitement in Lofsdalen Bike Park.

Lofsdalen Bike Park, designed by the best in the business, will give you an adventure to remember for a long time. There are 8 tracks, from green to black. The 16 km trails are great for children, adults, beginners and advanced bikers.

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Cross country MTB

MTB / Ebike / Fatbike

The cross country options are both short and long distances, taking you just around the lake or around all the mountains! The builders have taken advice from the best in the world, and invested significant amounts, to build a bike park that can give you a breathtaking and genuine mountain biking experience.

There is also an easy trail: bike paths Myggan, Knottet and Getingen meander through the electric light trail and are suitable for children from age five and adults


Mountainbike with kids

Go adventure

Just at your doorstep, a European awarded bike trail starts. It has different trails: easy going for kids and chill MTB, sporty tracks and tracks with daring curves and jumps. You can hire MTB at the city center of Lofsdalen.



Propper running

There is no running like trail running, and the trails in Lofsdalen are just perfect, you can either follow the tracks of the snowmobile, the paths along the Hövarken mountain or the arrows of numerous long walks. The terrain is very diverse: stony steep uphill challenges and technical descends, swamps that can be crossed on planks, river crossings, easy tracks along the lake and so much more. There are countless km's waiting for you. Use the fresh air the boost your health and wellbeing on one of the many impressive mountain tracks or around the lake.

Road Racing

Hilly red roads

The mountains in this area are up to 1200m. However, the roads do not go up that high. However, if you cycle in the direction of Norway, you can really test your legs on some nice mountain roads. The roads are wide, in good condition and very quiet. You can enjoy beautiful scenery the whole time. If you fancy some drinks, take them yourself, the number of pubs you pass by is close to zero. Bring your own bike, road bikes are the only ones, not rented out in Lofsdalen.

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