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Discover one of the last truly wild places in Europe

The great outdoors park starts when you leave the front door of Lofsdalen Panorama. Adventure awaits when you go out for small or big hikes. From the house you can make trips from 1 to 50km. You can go for pure nature hikes and make lunch on a camp fire or make a trip to tha 'waffle' house. Take an empty cup as most of the water is fine to drink.


Walking trips

A great variety of trails

Whether you choose for a short family hike or a day trip, the beauty of the nature surrounding the house will take your breath away. Discover , glacier made, boulders on the round hill tops, majestic views full of wildlife, cross swamps, forests, hilltops, majestic rivers and waterfalls or small streams, full of life. Everywhere around you can use the shelters to take some rest or, why not pick a specific destination such as a waffle hut to give your trip something special

Discover your favourite tracks at the Lofsdalen website

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