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Wonderfull wildlife, all around the house

Go and search for impressive wildlife such as bear, moose, lynckx. Maybe you are a birdwatcher and hunt for the rich birdlife or maybe spent a night in the bear's den, unique in Europe.


Lofsdalen: bear country

One of the best places to meet bears

Lofsdalen might be the best place in Europe to see bears. The area has one of the highest population of bears in Scandinavia. There is also a bear watching hut, a one of a kind experience, only in Lofsdalen. You can also book a bear Safari, an unforgettable memory.

More info on the Bears Den

Reservations for the bear safari can be made at the Tourist Information Office of Lofsdalen 0046(0)680 412 33


Wildlife tours

The big five from Sweden

The Swedish big five can be admired in Sonfjallet: brown bear, wolves, wolverine, lynckx and moose are all present in the park. The musk ox is not one of the big five but as impressive as the other.


Animals wile walking

Moose and Raindeers on the road

You can aslo spot wildlife while hiking around, best in the evening hours (driving around with a car is also a good trick to spot moose). If you keep still and use your eyes a surprise might be after every corner.


Bird watching

euwer grouse , crane birds, ...

Bird watching triggers all of your senses and we have got one of the richest varieties of birds of all scandinavia. The euwer grouse might be the most impressive one but there are many more such as the capercaillie, black grouse, hazel hen and willow grouse.

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