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All you need to know to travel and stay

Fast and smooth or slow and relax, choose how you want to reach Lofsdalen

By Car & boat

The slow way up

Lofsdalen is situated in the middle of Sweden, close to the Norwegian border. You can drive to Kiel, Germany and take a Ferry. The color line is a cruise ferry that brings you all the way to Oslo. Book a room and enjoy all the facilities of a cruise and do not forget to watch the beauty of the Oslo Fjord. From Oslo, you still have a 5 hour scenic drive.



Lofsdalen has many facilities you can enjoy

  • Three restaurants

  • An Ica supermarket

  • 2 places where you can rent Bikes, boats, skis

  • Padel

  • Bowling

  • Kids indoor playground

  • Petrol station.


By plane and rental car

Via Stockholm or Oslo

If you travel by plane, you can either choose Stockholm (6 hour drive) or Oslo (5 hour drive). Rental cars are cheaper in Sweden than Norway. Please do not forget to compensate your flight to fight climate change.

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